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At Rubifresh, our vision is simple; to free you from the distractions of poor skin & health allowing you to focus on the things that matter.

We do this through products for healthier skin, guts and sleep, plus events & retreats which help you incorporate better wellness into your everyday life, and ultimately to be happy in your own skin.



My sister in law was raving about Rubifresh the other day. She came across it online, bought some of the products and couldn’t believe how amazing they made her skin feel. She was so impressed because she’s always bought expensive French brands and couldn’t believe how well Rubifresh made her skin feel by comparison.

Nesa, Sydney

I know that when my diet is bad my skin is usually bad too, and when I haven't been looking after my skin or focusing on eating well I lack energy, motivation and sometimes even self-confidence. It's all tied together - happy tummy means healthier skin, and when I feel good in my skin I feel like I can change the world.

Deb, NZ

I had terrible skin when I was young & at 40 I still suffered from monthly breakouts on my face & my neck. Nothing worked. I was introduced to Rubifresh & was hooked! Firstly I LOVE the smell, but the main reason is that after only a few weeks my skin started to radically improve. My monthly breakouts (which the experts had said were just hormonal) started to actually disappear!

Shani, Sydney


Why do I still get Acne?
Surprisingly, many adults continue to experience acne beyond their teen & young adult years. For many, it can be embarrassing and even debilitating. While a sudden onset of adult acne can signal an underlying systemic condition or disease, the causes...
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5 Myths About Collagen & Anti-ageing

Best known for its role in keeping our skin plump & youthful, collagen is an important 'scaffolding' protein made naturally in our bodies and thought to make up around 75% of our skin's dry weight. Although it plays such a critical role our collagen stores get depleted as we age.

Collagen is critical to our skin's youthful appearance as well as the health & vitality of our bodies. With a lot of confusion around, how do we know where to turn to maintain our collagen stores and keep ageing at bay?

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Can you detox your skin?

"More people suffer from acne than any other skin condition"

Modern lifestyle & diet has led to an increase in the number of people experiencing acne. This can happen to both adults and teens and not only causes frustration but also significant anxiety & embarrassment.

In many cases there are a few simple steps to detoxify and rebalance the skin, and significantly reduce the symptoms of acne.

To fully detox, you really need to adopt these healthy habits for around 4 weeks as the skin takes approximately that long to fully regenerate.


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