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GUT5 Gut Health Powder


GUT5 is a gut health product like no other. 100% natural, vegan, gluten free, dairy free. Containing organic plant based greens. Mix in water for a totally yummy healthy drink or add a spoonful to your smoothie. Addressing the 5 pillars of gut health, with probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes plus ingredients which soothe and protect the gut lining. Naturopath approved. 


Ingredients: Organic sprouted fermented pea protein, organic sprouted brown rice protein, natural flavours, inulin fibre (chicory root), organic barley grass powder, organic alfalfa leaf powder, organic broccoli powder, guar gum, dandelion root extract, celery seed extract, digestive enzyme blend (alpha amylase (985 du/g), acid protease (10,000 hut/g), cellulase (1,100 cu/g), lactase (4,000 lac/g), lipase (200 fip/g)), probiotic (bacillius coagulans), natural sweetener (stevia extract).

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