Skin hyperpigmentation & lightening

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that sees darker & uneven patches of skin appearing - usually in exposed areas such as the face. It is caused by excess melanin production which can occur as a result of scarring, sun damage or even hormones.

For smooth, even toned skin and to resolve issues around hyperpigmentation (and see real results), the excess melanin production should be addressed - not just fading the pigmentation.

The industry 'standard' for skin lightening is a harmful substance called hydroquinone which bleaches the skin and is used in photo developing fluid. The FDA has identified that it cannot be ruled out as a carcinogen or a genotoxin (causes gene mutations). Eek!

Nature, however, provides several amazing and effective ingredients which gently (and over time) work to reduce melanin production, as well as fade existing pigmentation spots.

One of these is Daisy Flower extract. It's powerful active ingredients address the over production of melanin as well as reduce the number of enzymes which produce it. Daisy Flower extract, along with Licorice Root and Bearberry extracts together form the powerhouse active complex in Rubifresh Licorice Root Serum for skin lightening.

It is effective in reducing pigmentation and age spots over time, gently and effectively bringing your skin back to it's best. For more information on this product or others, don't hesitate to contact us.

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