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Above everything else, we at Rubifresh desire to build a community of believers - believers in changing the way our society views beauty & health - both for today's men & women and for our sons & daughters. Our products are aimed at building health and vitality into our skin & our bodies so we don't have to obsess about we don't place an over-inflated emphasis on the physical.

To help us build this future, we offer anyone who is committed to the vision and to the products, to invest in our growth - to become a Rubifresh Angel. For this, you get a guaranteed return on your investment! Easy!

How to become an Angel:

1. Use the form below to contact us with your expression of interest

2. Choose your favourite Rubifresh products, which will be delivered to you every two months

3. By doing this you commit to at least 6 deliveries (and the corresponding charges to your credit card) - after this you can cancel at any time in writing

4. You receive FREE PRODUCT to the value of 20% of your purchases (offered at the 6mth and 12mth anniversary)

5. Additional benefits: FREE shipping, FREE trial of all new products, opportunity to be on the testing panel for the development of new products

Just click on the link below, fill in the form and we will contact you to finalise details of product and payment.

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