Spring Clean your Skin Health


As the Winter weather gradually disappears and I start to feel the warmth of spring, I’m usually prompted to declutter my home, my wardrobe and my diet. I’m also reminded that Spring is an opportunity to re-boot my skincare routine and get my skin ready for Summer.

Dry weather and winter winds can play havoc on your skin, and even indoors, the drying effect from low humidity indoor heating and long hot showers means the natural oils are sucked out of your skin. This can lead even normal/oily skin to become dry, itchy, sensitive, irritated or even infected. Severely dry skin can crack and bleed, causing more infection.

The skin acts as a protective barrier against the external environment, as well as preventing moisture loss from the body. The ‘oil loving’ outer layer of the skin is important in doing this. Less oils are naturally produced by the skin in winter, as they can’t so readily escape through sweating. When coupled with the dry conditions of winter, you’ll find that most skin types are susceptible to feeling particularly dry in winter.

Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there! On top of all this, as we age, our skin produces less oil because there are fewer and fewer oil-producing sebaceous glands. Collagen and elastin production drops, causing sagging and loss of elasticity….and, you guessed it, dry skin!

Things you can do as winter draws to a close

During cold months, a richer moisturiser can help keep more moisture in your skin by acting as a more powerful barrier to water loss. Hydrating by drinking lots of water, and humidifying rooms are both ways to retain moisture in your skin and in your body.

A diet rich in essential fatty acids (eg salmon, walnuts, vegetable/nut oils) also helps keep our skin supple and well moisturised.

Spring into Spring

According to dermatologists, skin tends to improve once Spring comes with its warmer, more moist weather. Even rosacea, eczema and psoriasis tend to improve.

To boost your skin’s ability to bounce back in Spring-time, here’s a few tips to consider;

  • Switching to a lighter moisturiser to help balance the skin once warm weather increases sweating (for teens, a low oil moisturiser is important)
  • Take cooler showers to reduce dehydration
  • Exfoliate 2-3 times a week with a gentle facial scrub to remove dull, dry skin cells and help your skin breathe and rejuvenate
  • Monitor sun exposure (for example; a little is good for psoriasis, but too much can cause irritations to flare up)
  • Choose moisturisers with natural sun protection such as red raspberry seed oil (highest natural sun protection, around SPF28-32). You can find this ingredient in all three Rubifresh moisturisers; Collagen + Rosehip Crème and Ageless Day Crème, plus our teen product Pomegranate + Lime Low Oil Moisturiser
  • Lighten up the use of makeup and let the skin breathe and glow, to help manage/prevent acne and clogged skin
  • Toss out old makeup and skincare products – refresh your stores
  • Boost your skin with additional hydration – try Rubifresh Jasmine + Silk Serum for hydrating, Silica + Aloe Serum for smoothing lines, or Licorice Root Serum for hyper-pigmentation.

 Spring and Summer are seasons for growth and health. We can enjoy the outdoors and the fresh air more freely. It is easier to exercise and to socialise. Everything comes alive in the warmer months. Let your skin be a priority over the next month or so and enjoy better skin health for Summer.