Olive Oil for Cleansing

Did you know that the very best form of cleansing is based on a staple ingredient in our pantries? Despite what we are lead to believe about cleansing the skin, using natural vegetable and nut oils for cleansing is one of the best things you can do for your skin, and Olive oil is a fabulous place to start.

Oil  cleansing has been used in many countries for centuries as a recognised facial cleansing method. Natural oils, when rubbed in, dissolve impurities, environmental ‘dirt’ and makeup, that are all trapped within the oily pores, while providing essential nourishment for the skin. Even oily skins respond well to oil cleansing, because when rubbed into the skin, the oils trick the sebaceous glands into believing they have produced enough oil, and they stop producing an excess.  Oil based cleansers will also not aggravate acne or cause new outbreaks because they are very gentle on the skin. Olive oil has a special drawing action, drawing impurities out of the skin.

Ideally, at night, after the face has been exposed to the grime of the day, we should double cleanse, which involves an oil cleanse first, followed by a light, natural cleanser without sulfates or harsh chemicals, and without animal fats. This can either be a vegetable based cleansing bar, or a cleansing gel which penetrates easily to purify the skin deep down and provide other nourishment the skin needs.

Then in the morning, all we need to do is either wash our face with warm water, or give it a light cleanse with our cleansing gel. Squeaky clean, but not stripped dry!

Above all, remember that intense cleansing or scrubbing can worsen skin conditions such as acne and inflammation, and expose the skin to unwanted bacteria.

Always be gentle!

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Rubiwomen is written by Rubifresh Owner & Founder, Tristan Fahey

“…real beauty comes from something deep within us and is reflected in our faces, the window into our soul…”