Goat’s milk goodness

Yum! Goat’s Milk!

One of the most gentle conditioning and moisturizing ingredients you could put on your skin….and available from the supermarket or health food store.

Goat’s milk has smaller protein molecules, making it easily and quickly absorbed, and imparting a beautiful silky feel to the skin. It is not too alkaline and not too acidic, making it very gentle, and ideal for very dry skin – it is especially well known for fighting and treating serious skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and it’s high content of lactic acid makes it a perfect moisturizer!

Goat’s milk can also serve as a gentle but effective exfoliant. After skin is treated with goat’s milk, old skin cells easily slough off. To aid in the process, you can add some baking soda and mix to a paste.

Using goat’s milk in beauty treatments is nothing new. It’s one of those oldies but goodies dating back to biblical times. Just as honey and olive oil, goat milk is a great old time ingredient to keep in your beauty arsenal.

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Rubiwomen blog is written by

Tristan Fahey, Owner & Founder of Rubifresh natural skincare.