Can you detox your skin?

"More people suffer from acne than any other skin condition"

Modern lifestyle & diet has led to an increase in the number of people experiencing acne. This can happen to both adults and teens and not only causes frustration but also significant anxiety & embarrassment. In many cases there are a few simple steps to detoxify and rebalance the skin, and significantly reduce the symptoms of acne. To fully detox, you really need to adopt these healthy habits for around 4 weeks as the skin takes approximately that long to fully regenerate.

1. A diet that helps heal and prevent outbreaks:

Although acne is linked to heredity and hormones, specific foods can play a major role in helping detoxify the skin and build skin health from the inside.

Best foods for controlling acne include Brazil nuts (selenium), salmon & flaxseed (omega-3) and foods containing Vit C (which all help address inflammation) plus lots of green leafy vegetables and foods high in zinc (which help balance hormones). In addition, avoid sugar & dairy (which both cause hormonal reactions which aggravate acne).

2. A skincare regime designed to detoxify, reduce inflammation and rebalance:

Clogged and acne prone skin needs deep cleansing to help it breathe and to prevent infection (oil cleansing with a product designed for acne prone skin is best), and it needs antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients (that occur naturally) to help heal and prevent bacterial invasion. Gentle exfoliation helps clean out dead skin cells from blocked pores and prevents new skin forming over clogged pores. And finally, the naturally high Oleic Acid (a fatty acid) in the skin of acne prone people causes sebum to be thick and sticky (and hence clog pores), and should be rebalanced with products high in Linoleic acid oil (such as Rubifresh Pomegranate + Lime Low Oil Moisturiser in the teen range).

3. Stress management to prevent hormonal spikes

Stress causes both hormonal fluctuations and increased oil production. Management of stress using exercise, relaxation or mindfulness activities is important to help balance the body and the hormones, and settle the skin into a healthy pattern.

4. Less touchy touchy!

Many of us touch our faces A LOT without really thinking about it. Every time you touch your face you are transferring dirt and bacteria from your hands which can build up and cause acne or clogged skin. Soooo much of this is subconscious so you'll really need to think about it and try to avoid too much touching of the face.

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