Terms & Conditions

We don't have many, but here's the important stuff....

1. All Rubifresh products have been created using approved naturally derived ingredients, in approved proportions, in consultation with various industry associations and experts. As people's skin reacts in an individual way, some Rubifresh products may not suit some individuals. We welcome feedback on any product so we can continually improve/refine our product range. As all ingredients are safe for use in cosmetics, we cannot take responsibility for individuals' reactions to ingredients. If a product does not seem suitable for a person's skin/skin type, we would advise them to cease using the product and try any of the other Rubifresh products in the range to see what works best for their skin type.

2. All products have been created to maintain potency and freshness for 12 months. As our products are totally natural, and free of preservatives, they may (on the odd occasion) show signs of aging before the end of their shelf life. We will replace any product within 6 months of purchase which exhibits visible signs of degradation before its accepted shelf life (upon viewing the product).

3. Should a product be damaged in transit, we will replace this product (upon viewing the product).

4. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the products, no refunds can be given if a purchaser changes their mind.

5. As our products are made to order, delivery timing is based around our production timetable available on our website. Product orders will be collated up to and including the day before production, and finished products will be sent via registered post for receival 3-5 working days after production date.

6. FREE BIRTHDAY GIFT conditions - anyone registered on our website (incl their birthday details) who purchases in the 12 months prior to their birthday, will receive a free gift from Rubifresh as a thank you from us. Customers who have not ordered in the 12 months prior to their birthday will unfortunately not receive their gift. :(