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About 10 years ago, I embarked on a quest - a quest to age gracefully - with health and radiance as my goal. I had lost my mother to cancer, and lost a child, and as a reaction, I had started to reduce chemicals in my life. At this point, I had just turned 40, had my first child (who never slept!), and I knew I had to start looking after my skin better. I felt such a pressure to jump on the 'cosmetic procedure' bandwagon, yet this felt at odds with my life philosophy of health & fitness. I was at a crossroad.

What started as a weekend hobby learning about natural skincare, soon developed into a passion for influencing industry change. With a background in science & nutrition, I became fascinated with the evidence around the damaging effects of chemicals in popular skincare products, I became frustrated (even angry) at the deception of the beauty industry, and I wanted to use my knowledge and my passion to influence change.

From a product point of view, Rubifresh natural skincare products are free of toxins, naturally preserved, layered with youth-giving antioxidants and luxurious to use (because who wants to compromise on that!). But more importantly, Rubifresh is different because it offers a new language of beauty - and that is all about skin health as a way to slow down the effects of aging.

Our vision is that through building skin health we can be free from an obsession with our faces, and in doing this, start focusing on being the best version of ourselves - to be free in our own skin, and free to create maximum impact for good in the world.


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